A Facebook app for creating and sharing short videos


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Lasso is an app developed by Facebook, that lets you create and share fun short videos, a lot like the app TickTock. In order to start using the app, all you have to do is sign in using an Instagram or Facebook account.

From the main tab in Lasso, you can see the most popular videos of the moment, which you can like and share. If you tap on any of the tags on a video, you can also take a quick look at all the videos of that type other users have made. Or you can tap on the name of the creator to see the person's profile and the rest of their videos.

Creating a video with Lasso is as simple as pointing your camera, choosing the speed you want to record at (you can choose fast or slow motion), and record a few seconds. After this, you can add tons of filters and visual effects, along with songs. You have hundreds of songs to choose from: everything from classical music to the latest hits.

Lasso is Facebook's answer to the TikTok phenomenon (or the now extinct and of course, it offers a fluid and satisfying experience. And thanks to its integration with Facebook, you can also share your 'lassos' directly on your wall.

Requires Android 5.0 or higher

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