Google email service on your Android device


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Gmail is the official app for the Google email client that lets you manage you email account (and any other account you may have) using a clean and user-friendly interface.

The first thing users will note is that, apart from having your regular email account, you can also associate other, different accounts to the app. Thanks to this feature you’ll be able to get all of your emails in a single place, without having to resort to any other email manager.

Gmail’s interface is very similar to the desktop browser client which just about all users are already use to: on the left column you have different tags and categories, while in the center of the screen you get to read all of your emails. Gmail’s intelligent management system also separates promotions, from social emails, and both of these from the truly important emails.

Thanks to the all of the widgets installed in the Gmail app, you can monitor email tags on your device’s main screen, or simply see your latest incoming emails (and answer them if you want).

Gmail’s official app is, like its desktop version, a must-have service for any regular Android user. There may be better ways of managing your email from a mobile device, but finding them won’t be easy.
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