Off the wall burger battles


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Burger.io is a game that puts you in control of a hungry burger that wants to eat everything around because the more it eats, the larger it'll get. And, if to become the biggest burger in town you have to eat other burgers, then so be it!

Controls in Burger.io are really easy to use: you can move your hungry burger with total freedom by sliding your finger on the screen. Just keep in mind that, as usual with .io games, you should only eat the elements (and enemies) that are smaller than you. So, you can only eat cookies and doughnuts at the beginning, but as you start getting bigger and bigger, you can even eat people and strollers.

There are two game modes in Burger.io: the classic one and a single-player mode. There are also two totally different settings and a bunch of skins for your burgers. In order to unlock the content, you'll need coins and to get those coins you just need to play and win rounds.

Burger.io is a simple, straight-forward, off-the-walls and super entertaining arcade with awesome visuals and controls that are perfect for touchscreens. The game also lets you compete against other players online as well as playing on your own.

Android 4.4 or greater is required.