Find The Differences


Solve the cases by finding the differences


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Find The Differences is a super fun game that turns you into a private investigator who must solve all the cases that request his expertise. If you want to enjoy this entertaining game and discover what's hidden behind the plot, Find The Differences will require all your attention in order to solve the mysteries.

In this spy adventure, you have to answer your client's call for help and try to give them an answer to all of their questions. For each case, you have to visit different settings where the suspect is performing all kinds of crimes and offenses. Gameplay is super simple; the screen is divided in two, same setting but there are some differences that you have to find in order to collect clues that can help you solve the enigma.

In order to collect relevant information that might help you solve the case you'll have to find the necessary evidence; click on the differences between the settings in order to advance through the adventure and get the determining clues that might help you with the investigation. A good detective has to visit a bunch of places to be sure they understand the entire story so you have to investigate in depth as well by visiting a ton of different places.

Solve the more than 20 different cases and more than 1000 puzzles. Luckily, you can always use different clues if you're ever stuck. Become a true investigator with this super fun game and prove that you can solve every case with Find The Differences.